What are the Advantages of Putting your Dog in Kennels?

What are the Advantages of Putting your Dog in Kennels?

If you own dogs but you need to travel, you have to decide what accommodation and care options are best for you and your dog. How a dog will react to each, whether it's in kennels or another option, will vary depending on the individual dog and its personality. Below are some of the main advantages of using boarding kennels to look after your pet while you're away.

With kennels, you don't have to to worry about strangers coming into your house. You can relax on your travels knowing your dog is being cared for by professionals in a secure, comfortable environment.

Put your dog in kennels and you don't have to open your home or leave your pets in the hands of one person that you may not know. It's a lot of responsibility so there's even more pressure to choose the right person.

Boarding kennels are reliable but it is still important to find a place that you trust with a good reputation. A good kennels will be purpose built, employ experienced staff and walk and play with the dogs several times a day. They're not just providing comfortable accommodation for your pooch but kennels are specifically set up to ensure your dog's happiness, safety and well-being.

When you do book your pet into kennels, before you go make sure you provide clear instruction on what food they should be fed, any medication they may need and what you expect in terms of exercise and interaction with other dogs.

At Southern Comfort's dog boarding kennels we have boutique, purpose built facilities and fantastic staff who are trained to ensure our dog guests are properly and professionally looked after throughout their stay. You and your dog will love our peaceful, rural surroundings and convenient South Auckland location.