Missing Your Cat While You're Away?

Missing Your Cat While You're Away? Visit a Cat Café

You're a long way from home. You've left your cat at Southern Comfort Kennels (the best cattery in town of course), so you know your pet is in great hands and will be much loved and cared for. But you miss them! - the cuddles, the purrs, the cat curled up in your lap.

Fortunately, there's an answer. Next time you travel, add a visit to a cat café. From London to Paris, New York to Melbourne, cat cafes are popping up all over the world. There are at least two cat cafes in Auckland as well as one in Rotorua, and plans to open Wellington's first cat cafe in Lower Hutt later this year.

Originally established for cat lovers who had neither the space nor time to care for a cat of their own, cat cafés offer an opportunity for one-on-one cat time to anyone craving some cat company along with their coffee and cake.

Many cat cafés work in conjunction with local cat rescue agencies. They double up as an adoption centre for the cats who are given a loving home at the premises in the meantime. The pampered pussycats are given the freedom to roam, play and sleep as and when they choose. 

Due to their popularity, most cat cafes require you to book well in advance and you're given an allocated time. Health regulations mean that most cat cafes serve only cold food like cakes and biscuits which must be eaten in a separate room. Some cafes will allow you to drink around the cats.

If you've booked your cat into Southern Comfort Kennel's Auckland cattery you can relax knowing they're in a safe, comfortable place. And when you need some cat cuddles while you're away, look out for the nearest cat café and book in some cat playtime.