How Often Should I Vaccinate My Cat?

It's important to make sure your cat is vaccinated to help ensure it lives a healthy life. Vaccines are particularly useful in controlling infectious diseases and reducing their spread.

By vaccinating your cat you are giving its immune system the chance to develop a protective response. Essentially, vaccines help the cat's immune system prepare in advance to fight infectious diseases, giving them the best possible protection.

If you are having your cat vaccinated prior to putting it in a boarding cattery like that of Southern Comfort Kennels in South Auckland, be aware that the vaccination course takes 10 days to provide its maximum protection.

Kittens need a series of 2 or 3 vaccines given 3-4 weeks apart followed by a vaccine booster one year later. Once they have had these primary vaccines, the frequency of vaccinations varies. How often you should vaccinate your cat depends on the cat's lifestyle, the disease and vaccine type and any cattery boarding plans. If your cat is entering a cattery for example, a booster vaccination can be given before boarding.

For cats that are not boarded and mostly stay in their own house, then a vaccination once every three years should be sufficient. Your vet will recommend the best vaccination course for your cat.