Preparing Your Dog for Dog Kennel Life

Many of us enjoy heading away for our holidays at this time of year. That means dog kennels are often at maximum capacity. If you're looking around for a place to care for your canine friend, here are some tips on what to look for and how you can prepare them for dog kennel life.

Start looking at kennels early

Look around at different kennels well ahead - the best dog kennels can get booked up early. Check out the dogs' sleeping arrangements, ask about feeding and exercise routines and watch how the staff interact with your dog.

A warm-up visit.

When dogs are away from their family they can become distressed and anxious, especially if they're over-dependent on us. Try a practise visit to help them adjust to the kennels and staff, and help desensitize them to separating from you. If you stay calm and positive during visits and when you drop your dog off, the more likely your dog will stay calm too.

Good behaviour.

Prepare your dog for a good kennels experience by taking it out to socialise regularly, so it gets used to meeting lots of new dogs. Reward them for good behaviour.

Check their health and feed them up.

Don't take your dog to the kennels if it has an infectious condition. Do take it to the vet for a check up beforehand to get any health issues sorted before you go away. Also, be aware that dogs can lose weight when away from home so feed them up in advance.

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