Choosing the Right Cattery for Your Cat

When you need to be away from home and can't find someone to feed and look after your cat, boarding them in a professional cattery is a great option. 

Check out any catteries in your local area and ask around for recommendations. It's worth doing this ahead of time in case you need to board your cat unexpectedly. We've put together a few key questions to ask and things to consider when you're doing your cattery research.


Do they board other animals?

If the cattery also boards dogs, check the layout of the facilities to ensure that your cat will feel comfortable and not threatened.


Can you bring your cat’s own things?

It can be comforting for cats to use their own bedding or food bowls and toys for their stay, to make them feel more at home.


Can you choose types of food and cat litter?

Find out if there are any options about what your cat is fed during their stay and what cat litter is used. If you dont like the choices, ask if you can provide your own.


Can the staff accommodate for special needs?

If your cat is very shy or requires medication or monitoring for any health conditions, find out if the staff are knowledgeable and confident enough to manage this.


Does the place look clean and welcoming and feel good?

The general impression you get about the facilities and the staff is important. Find a cattery that gives you peace of mind like the cattery at Southern Comfort Kennels, so you can enjoy your time away.